Blue Ridge Parkway Elopement Film

Evergreen Era Films

The Blue Ridge Parkway is such a gift. If you’re looking for a place to elope, I have no doubt you could find somewhere along the 469 mile stretch that takes your breath away. Eva and Steven were planning their small elopement from out of town and relied on Kathryn Ray of Evergreen Era Films, their videographer, to help them find the perfect spot.
After applying and receiving a quick permit for their exact location they were able to plan their elopement with a few family and friends in tow along the peaks of our Blue Ridge Mountains.

If you are planning an elopement along the Blue Ridge Parkway, your vendors should be knowledgable about the area and be able to help you choose a location before applying for a permit.

Why do you need a permit? Because the Blue Ridge Parkway is a natural space that is free to access for everyone. Permits for weddings and other special uses help to give back to them so that they can continue to provide service and access to beautiful mountain views. Permits also help regulate the amount of events that occur on the parkway, so there aren’t multiple weddings/elopements happening in the same place at once. This can interfere with regular visitor usage and would likely interfere with the feeling of your own wedding. So all in all, it’s a great thing!

Location: Blue Ridge Parkway

Permit: required - visit their website for more info

Guests: less than 25 people

Florals: no live plants allowed on the Blue Ridge Parkway- couple used silk flowers

Kathryn Ray