Floral Information

Florals not allowed on Blue Ridge Parkway.
However, they are still allowed in Pisgah, Nantahala, & Great Smokey Mountains National Park.

Even so, as members of the EAC we pledge to make sure to pack out all florals/plants that were brought in while on location in areas that allows florals for weddings and elopements.
To take it one step further, we also encourage our couples to use local plants that are non-invasive in their bouquets and boutonniere’s OR use silk flowers instead.

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Local non-invasive plant species

If you are a florist, the best practice would be for you to grow and use flowers and greenery that are local to the area to be sure that they are non-invasive. You can still only use these in areas/parks where live florals/plants are allowed, but it is a respectful way to make sure we are taking care of the land.

The link below goes over some of the local plant species that would be best to use:

Silk Flowers

This is another option for locations that don’t allow the use of florals or just making sure that you are fully respecting natural spaces.

There are a bunch of beautiful bouquets made from silk flowers on Etsy.
You can also encourage your couples to get creative and use something other than flowers in general!

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