our why…

The outdoor wedding industry in Western North Carolina relies heavily on public lands for spectacular backdrops. The lush and breathtaking mountain views draw visitors from around the globe to explore the region, and oftentimes, to exchange their marriage/commitment vows. Wedding vendors are frequently hired by these couples to capture the memory of this special time in their lives in the midst of our natural spaces.

The EAC seeks to be proactive and committed in all of it’s activities to ensure the environmentally responsible use of the these spaces by visitors and artists, alongside the viability of the outdoor wedding/elopement industry.

We are committed to providing imperative education and purposeful inspiration to artists to enable them to confidently treat each space with respect. Each year we also donate funds to the parks Non-profit organizations to help support needed ongoing projects. These things in unison will help to ensure their protection for our continued enjoyment.

If our parks continue to thrive, we continue to thrive.

If you are a wedding professional yourself and you are committed to protecting this beautiful land, I hope you will join us.

Kathryn of Evergreen Era Films

EAC Founder