General Resources

** This information can change at any time.
You are solely responsible for being up to date and informed on the proper uses of each area to the full extent.
The Environmental Artists Association is not liable for any repercussions you may have based upon usage of this information.


National Park Service Areas


The Blue Ridge Parkway


The Great Smokey Mountains National Park

The Blue Ridge Parkway has very clear regulations for weddings located along it’s popular scenic route.
Their website lists everything in detail and they are very communicative so feel free to reach out to them with more questions if you have any!

Permit Required for Couple - Yes
Permit Total Cost - $100
Guest Maximum - 25 people
Permit Required for vendors - No
Drone Usage Allowed - Not without a special use permit
Live Florals/Plants allowed - No
Locations - Only designated locations allowed


Extra Information:

  • Black Balsam Knob isn’t on Blue Ridge Parkway Land - it is a part of Pisgah National Forest and therefore falls under National Forest Service rules and regulations

  • Craggy Garden Pinnacle is not a permitted location for wedding ceremonies.
    If you do go there for other types of photos, please do not go out of the rock perimeter to get a “cool rock shot”. It damages very rare plant life.

  • The Parkway does not currently give out permits for the month of October, so be prepared when booking couples with this knowledge!


The Great Smokies is very organized when it comes to weddings within it’s boundaries. I suggest reading through all of the provided forms on their website to make sure you have a full understanding of what having a wedding in the Park requires.

Permit Required for Couple - Yes
Permit Total Cost - $50-150
Guest Maximum - 20 guests and 6 cars unless otherwise noted
Permit Required for vendors - Yes (but only for some vendors) - Commercial Use Authorization
Drone Usage Allowed - No
Live Florals/Plants allowed - Yes
Locations - Only designated locations allowed unless requested and approved


Extra Information:


National Forest Service Areas


Pisgah National Forest


Nantahala National Forest

Unfortunately the regulations for weddings on National Forest Land isn’t very clear, currently. After some communication with the local NFS office I was unable to receive direct information. It seems that the NFS currently wants people to contact them directly for any extra information other than what is on their website, which is very little.

Follow respectful practices until we know more detailed information.

In the process of trying to receive direct information for wedding vendors for this area.


Nantahala and Pisgah have the same informational website, since they are both under the maintenance of the National Forest Service.

For more detailed information you are to contact the local authority for that specific area, which is listed on their website.

Follow respectful practices until we know more detailed information.

In the process of trying to receive direct information for wedding vendors for this area.


State Park areas


Dupont State Recreational Forest


Grandfather Mountain State Park

Weddings/Elopements are not permitted in Dupont State Recreational Forest at all.

There is no website information stating this, but direct contact with their special permits office provided this information.

This is due to the fact that they are “experiencing 800,000 or more visitors per year.”


Grandfather Mountain State Park (not to be confused with the adjacent private attraction of Grandfather Mountain) is located in Banner Elk, NC and is free to access.

Permit Required for Couple -
Permit Cost -
Guest Maximum -
Permit Required for vendors -
Drone Usage Allowed - no, unless permit provided
Live Florals/Plants allowed -
Locations -


Asheville Botanical Gardens


Permit Required for Couple - Yes
Permit Cost - “Outdoor wedding costs range from $400-$675 depending upon season and time of day.”
Guest Maximum - Not Stated
Permit Required for vendors - Requested donation at donation box
Drone Usage Allowed - Not stated on website (ask contact)
Live Florals/Plants allowed - Not stated on website (ask contact)

The contact info is state on the website. Be sure to ask about anything you are unsure of.


Extra Information:

Make sure to keep celebrations respectfully short and don’t set up props for longer than the ceremony length.

-You cannot leave props up on the mountaintop ahead of time to “reserve” a spot. The woods are for everyone.

- Realize that a lot of people go into nature to be in the woods and not be around a lot of people. Do your best to respect that.

- Stay on the trail and be sure to not forge your own path. It can damage the plant life as well as create other negative impacts.